Refund Policy

Our refund policy is straightforward and on a per product basis.

Please ensure to read the refund option on the product you purchased, however, our standard policy is as follows:

For our monthly services and memberships, refunds are provided within the first 10 days from purchase unless otherwise stated.

Because our services are billed monthly, it is your responsibility to request cancellation 1-2 business days PRIOR to the next payment coming out. We recognize that sometimes people forget to cancel in time, or possibly due to circumstances beyond your control (i.e., we didn’t get the notice in time,) that a payment may still come out after cancellation has been requested.

If YOU forget to cancel, we will provide a refund within the first 24 hours *only* of a subscription payment coming out.

If WE made the error and did not cancel your account, and you have proof of that request (i.e., in the form of a ticket on our helpdesk), we will gladly refund your payment.

Other digital products and services:

Digital products (such as ebooks, coloring pages, reports etc) do not have a refund policy typically, because we cannot take the digital item back.

Any other products or services will have a refund policy stated on the page, and that will be the one abided by.

By joining our sites or purchasing our products or services, you agree to the terms stated herein and on the product’s offer page.