January 10, 2021

I am often asked how on earth do I get things done... and the truth is, in the past I didn't get as much done as quickly as I always planned. You know, life gets in the way, something takes far longer than you intended (sometimes not at any fault of your own), and sometimes it's because we just put far too much on our plates, and think we can "do it all"

And other times stuff happens that crops up as an emergency / gotta do it NOW... and then there's days where you're just too exhausted (physically or mentally), to take on the next task.

It's often said that people struggle to start a business when they have a job, because by the end of the day when there might finally be some time to work on it, you're too exhausted or other family life is taking your time. And let's face it, some people let themselves get easily distracted by what I call "Squirrel" projects:

... "OOOH I could use that shiny object to help me with marketing... OOOOH I could use that piece too... "

... "Let me just watch a few minutes of a video on Youtube to get me in the right mindset..."

... "I have messages on facebook. Oh.... 25 new activity posts in my newsfeed, let me clear them first..."

And before you know it, you're down the rabbit hole and the time disappears.

Many of you know that (obviously) I am always creating planners and variations of my planners to get things done. I've tried it SO many ways, to the point that I was only creating my 'plan' for a few weeks, because inevitably I would realize something wasn't working, and I needed to make changes.

For the most part - that ALL stopped for me. (Well, drastically reduced!)

In the fall of 2020, I took part in a 5 day challenge that totally helped me revamp and restructure how I was doing things in my days... and that challenge was entirely free. Yes, there is an offer at the end of it for a far more detailed take, but whether you choose that or not - the free challenge is by itself worth SO much more and honestly I think Megan should be charging for it. (She doesn't - and she shows up EVERY day live to go over it, and answer questions).

The challenge is by Megan Sumrell, and it's called the "TOP Bootcamp" - (TOP stands for Time management, organization and productivity).

Her newest challenge begins Monday January 11th at 12:30 p.m. Eastern - but even if you see this message after, you can still join it for a day or two after (just catch up).

You know I don't recommend a whole lot - but I 100% wholeheartedly recommend it.

>>>> LET ME CLARIFY: If you are reading this AFTER the week of January 11, 2021, still finish reading and still follow to the challenge information - because Megan (the creator of the challenge) does this a few times a year. At the very least, she'll keep in touch with when her next challenge is. <<<<

While I "knew" how to organize my time, I knew there was ALWAYS something I was missing, and it had nothing to do with time blocks (which I do use). Megan took it further and introduced something I had NEVER EVER considered before.... and it's made a huge difference.

In fact... after I went through her challenge and added in the two tweaks I needed, for the FIRST TIME in probably 3 years, my fitbit jumped to a 91% sleep score!! The highest I had ever had (when we first got our new mattress over a year ago) was 87%, but it usually averaged in the high 70s/low 80s due to stress levels right?

Now my average IS in the high 80s to low 90s most nights. I couldn't believe it.

SO - get in on the free challenge, even if that's all you do.

CLICK HERE to access the details

This is for ANYONE struggling, it doesn't matter if you aren't running a business, if life just gets in your way, you'll want to go through this.

Megan goes live daily but it's short! (YAY, what a concept right?)

And she answers questions and doesn't leave you hanging.

Now, did this challenge make me "perfect"? No of course not. I'm still catching up on some stuff, but any time I feel like I'm starting to overwhelm myself, I take a deep breath, pull out my planner (and the other tool she suggests which is free) - and I get myself back on track very quickly.

Megan Sumrell's program has the absolute highest recommendation from me.

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Amber Jalink

I've been working online full time for 23+ years... yep, I know a little about doing business on internet ;)

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